Postcard Swap?
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Log cabin postcard

Well Ladies and Gentlebugs? Anyone interested in doing another fabric postcard swap? I seem to have lost, oh, six or seven months there, because I was going to hold a swap near the end of summer last year, and suddenly here it's the middle of (Canadian) winter!

If you're interested in doing another postcard swap, please answer me this?

1. Yes/No/Maybe?
2, Approximately when? (I'm leaning towards the actual swap happening in the first weeks of March, which would give everyone a month to work on making cards. But I'm flexible.)
3. Any thoughts on an option theme? (I haven't got a single one!)
4. Any questions?

Here are rules, if you need a refresher:

Who: Anyone who uses Livejournal. (Feel free to invite people not currently members of the group or to advertise elsewhere, but I do request that everyone have a livejournal. I don't care if they use it, but I use the Private Messaging function in order to send addresses and such to everyone who participates.)
What: Between one and five postcards, made of fabric, paper, batting, pretty much anything, and inspiration.
When: A sign-up post will be posted on ?? Sometime near the end of February ??. The sign-up post will close on ?? Sometime near the beginning of March ??. You will receive addresses by ?? and be expected to have your postcards in the mail within a week of that date. That gives you an entire week to get to the post office.
Where: Your recipients might be anywhere around the world, so be prepared to spend the extra 50 cents or dollar or whatever to get it to... where ever.
Why: Getting mail is fun? Making things is also fun?
How: Whatever way your little heart desires. I'm pretty indifferent to how and with what you create your cards, so long as there is some element of a quilt about it - the top should be fabric, embellished in whatever way you choose, and there should be an inside to help stiffen it (batting, extra layers of fabric, stiff interfacing, etc.), and it should all be stitched to a backing, which can be either paper or fabric, whichever you prefer.

Sometimes there are optional themes. I haven't thought of one yet, but feel free to offer up suggestions.

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Cross-community post: Birthday Blocks Group
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The yearly Birthday Blocks group (birthday_blocks) will begin running another year of block swapping beginning early in January! If you've never participated before, here's the general gist of how it works. Each of the participants will request a certain block type made in certain colours of fabrics and then we make a block for each person, aiming to have it mailed out in time for that person's birthday. So for me, last year I requested these blocks, which were due to arrive in August, which is my birth-month:

Birthday Blocks received

And over the course of the year, I made a pretty wide variety of blocks for the other members:

Birthday block for Aphoenixrain Birthday block for Carilea Birthday Block for Blueskyeyez
Birthday Blocks for Mkissa Birthday Block for kissmary (2) LJ Birthday Block - Beach House
LJ Birthday blocks - Eight Pointed Star Variation LJ Birthday block - Framed Block LJ Birthday block - Goose Creek block

It's a really great community for using new fabrics, sometimes new techniques, making new blocks, etc. that you might not otherwise get around to doing. And it's usually a small enough group that it doesn't take up all your crafting time! Because the blocks are made for people's birthdays, sometimes they'll clump up, with two or three in one month, or a stretch of a couple months with nothing to make, but as long as you plan ahead, it's easy to keep on top of things.

If you're interested in joining, the sign-ups close January 7, 2013, so there's only a week and a bit to decide! You can find the sign up post here, with all the rules. Don't be intimidated by the rules list, it's all pretty much common sense (ie. don't share participant's names/addresses outside of the community), just spelled out to be absolutely clear. I've been following the community since it was created and have participated most years - I hope to see you there this year!

On a completely different note: I sort of lost track of time last year and forgot to run the late-summer swap that I'd intended to host! I'm leaning, now, towards running another swap in February or March. Let me know what you think! (And thanks to aphoenixrain for reminding me!)

The cards I made
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Well, it's taken me a while to get around to posting this, but these are the cards that I made for this last swap:

Jellyfish embroidered fabric postcard

I did a couple embroidery pieces for this swap, largely because I wanted the practise and I didn't know what else to do with my practise bits! Of the two embroidered cards, this is my favourite. Love the jellyfish! It's done with satin stitch, stem stitch, and some unfortunate French knots.

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Swap 03 Clean Up/Feedback Post
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So according to my handy little chart, we've had a mostly successful swap, which is pretty fantastic. One postcard seems to have gone astray - my card to cosmictwirling, which is disappointing - but I'll get a new one made today and sent off on Monday (and with any luck it'll actually arrive this time).

Some nice things about this swap:
- most participants ever (ten this time!)
- most international participants (and I'm not the only "international" one for once)... okay, let me restate, since as far as I'm concerned everyone non-Canadian is international :D - most non-American participants, including UK and Australia (and Canada)
- possibly the biggest mix of techniques and embellishments (embroidery, fabric folding, paper-piecing, regular piecing, crazy quilting, appliqué, we had ribbons and lace, several methods of binding cards, we had pictorial and abstract cards...)

In any case, I have a few bits of info for you, and then after that I'll post some questions for a bit of feedback from anyone participating or just anyone watching.

Point of Interest #1: Please feel free to post any pictures, at any time, of cards you've made (or received) other than for this swap. I don't mind that this community is quiet when we've not got a swap on, but I always love to see what people are working on and this is a convenient locale for showing off very small quilts that mightn't quite fit in at other LJ quilting communities. (My only request is that if you're making cards to sell, you don't make a sales pitch. I'm not interested in people using this community as a way to catch sales.)

Point of Interest #2: I've opened a Flickr group for fabric postcards. So far I'm the only member, as you're the first people I've told about it, but please feel free to go add your postcard pictures here! I've only added a few pictures so far, and none of anything any of you have made, so if you've got a flickr account, please feel free to join and add your photos!

Point of Interest #3: Not all the postcards that have been received have been posted, so if you've not seen photos of any of your cards, feel free to post about them! Or just post about them anyway, I'm always interested to read about what you were thinking about or aiming for when you made your cards. (I'll be doing one about my postcards from this round soon. Maybe tomorrow, once I've made a replacement for the missing card.)

Feedback Questions
I'd love to get some feedback from everyone who participated (and from community watchers who didn't or haven't participated). There is a poll, but if you have other things to say or want to expand of anything, you can either leave a comment in the comments section or you can send me a PM through LJ or you can email me at clumsy(dot)chord(at)gmail(dot)com.

Poll #1830621 Swap 03
This poll is closed.

Did you participate in Swap 03

Yes, and I'm a first timer
Yes, and I'm a repeat customer
No, and I've never participated
No, but I've participated in the past

If you participated, how did it go? If not, how do you think things went?

If you didn't participate, why not? Not enough time? Not enough knowledge? Don't like the rules?...

Do you think I should make changes to the process? (For example, I like the no-stress aspect, but perhaps you'd prefer to sign up first and then make one card for everyone, if the group is small.) (I should say that I'm not remotely interested in changing the no stress aspect, it's just the first thought to come to mind regarding possible changes.)

Was there enough time between announcing the swap and the exchange dates?

Maybeish, I just lost track of time/had an amazing exploding sewing machine/ran into real life

How much advance notice should there be?

2 or 3 weeks
a month
a month and a half

All things being equal, will you participate in the next swap?

Basically just undecided

When do you think the next swap should happen?

When it comes to the next swap, I have no ideas really set in stone, but I do lean towards (Northern hemisphere) summer, perhaps July or August. I could be persuaded otherwise if people want something sooner, though I'd be likely to mod but either sit out or just make fewer cards.

Four Postcards Received!
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So just yesterday I received my very last fabric postcard for this swap, so it was definitely time to finally get off my butt and take pictures of the cards I got :D Awesome, all. (Click through to see them all... embiggened.)

The first one to arrive was from aalia7:

Fabric postcard from aalia7

I clearly shouldn't have photographed it against the black chair because it just about disappears! Well, the shiny bits around the edges are the binding - black ribbon - which is really well done and I'm a bit jealous of because the few times I've tried to properly bind a card have not been... the most successful. It barely shows up, but there are little black beads on the left side of the card and the right hand side is embroidered in a similar pattern to the print on the left.

And then this card from emmy_roo:

Fabric Postcard from emmy-roo

Lovely little almost log-cabinish abstract design. I love the primary colours, and really like that red print in the corner, which I know appeared in someone else's card too. (Can't remember now who had the one with all the reds?)

And from chrispeanut:

Mini Quilt from ChrisPeanut

This is a ridiculously exquisite piece. There's a really horrible part of me that wants to take it all apart and see how it works. I don't know. It's amazing, anyway. I tried to take some close-up detail shots, but none of them quite worked to show the depth and layering of the fabrics, and it's a shame the photos didn't work because really it's fantastic. Also, you can't really see it, but she did a sweet little swirling meander quilting around the edges of the circle.

And then finally my last card to arrive came very sluggishly up to Canada from aphoenixrain:

Fabric Postcard from APhoenixRain

Both she and ladyoflosttimes had the genius idea of using a cup of coffee/tea as a beginning to the day. I'm not a coffee drinker, but I drink the occasional tea (I'm a big fan of a London Fog - Earl Grey but milky and sweet as anything), and I love the little tea bag tab hanging over the edge.

Thanks so much everyone! I love doing these swaps and getting this little pieces of art in the mail, and I hope you've all enjoyed it as much as I have! I'll do a bit of a housekeeping post tomorrow or Friday about this swap, and hope you'll leave me a bit of feedback on what you've all thought.

Last Postcard Received!
Crafty Huffie
I received my last postcard! This one is from mrs_dragon and it is so beautiful.

Warm, sunny fabrics pieced together in a lovely design with really nice topstitching. The backing is a very pretty blue sky print and the postcard is titled "Sunrays". It made it all the way through the mail beautifully (see the barcode?) and I love it!

Thank you to my swap partners for the beautiful work, and thank you to clumsy_chord for bringing us all together! :)

I received my postcards!!!
I received my second postcard this week. I am so happy with both of them.

This one is from altglas. I love it. I'm a counrty girl at heart so it really is perfect for me. It was sent all the way from Manchester.

This one is from aphoenixrain. The stitching is so neat. It's beautiful. I'm sure there is a lot of meaning behind this card. I can see my own special meaning and I think each person could take something different from it. It's really something special.

I would like to thank both my swap partners for their beautiful postcards and for sending them to Australia. And of course thank clumsy_chord for organising this swap. I loved it. I cant wait to join another one.

Postcard 2 Received!
Crafty Huffie
I know I should wait until I get all my cards and do one post. But I am impatient and very anxious to show these off as they arrive!


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Postcards Sent and Received
So, all my postcards have been mailed out (on the 12th I believe), so hopefully everyone will have them by the weekend (except for the international ladies). Sorry about the delay, I had a conflagration of life events that refused to part for me. Anyway, I hope they're worth it.

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Card arrived! :)
LOOKIE! I got a card from cosmictwirling! Thanks ever so, it's lovely.

I got so excited I had to go into the garden and give the card a fitting backdrop! Green being the colour of hope. And a bit of greenery for the butterfly to fly around in. Or something. The background is a bit more blue/turquoise than it looks, otherwise the colours came out pretty well. A lovely joyful spring postcard, and so well made!! Thank you.


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